Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tea and Feminism

A piece of information that will surely interest you (if not surprise you) in the context of entire societies grappling with the basics of gender equality.

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Tea drinking as a global phenomenon (tea is the second highest consumed drink in the world; the highest is water) is less than two hundred years old. When it was introduced in Great Britain, it was largely a drink of the nobility.

Poor Irish women who drank tea in the 19th century might as well have been chugging a bottle of whiskey. Critics viewed the provocative kettle as stifling to their country’s economic growth and the tea-chugging habit as reckless and uncontrollable. Tea was a waste of time and money, luring working girls away from their never ending husband and home-tending duties.
See the whole story on the Smithsonian Magazine Blog.

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  1. Tea is a sort of comfort and not an addiction.Who doesn't like a warm tea right after work ?