Saturday, April 13, 2013

What is the Average Size of a Teacup?

I made a promise a long time back to tell you how to brew a perfect cup of tea. Let me start by asking "what is the average size of a teacup?"

Have you ever looked at the brewing instructions that come with your tea? The standard "how to make a perfect cup" usually says something like - bring water to boil, add tea leaf, a teaspoon of leaf for a cup of water, brew for five minutes and hey presto! For those who care about the tea they drink, nothing could be more ambiguous. Leaving aside the fact that different categories of tea, different crops, and different time and location demands different brewing methods, there is the whole question of what is "a cup" of water, what is "a teaspoon." Readers of Sita Ki Rasoi will quickly pull out their telescoping measuring cups and spoons, and yes, it should work, but it frequently doesn't.

So Blend of Tea decided to put a video tutorial together on what the average size of a teacup is. We will be sharing more tea videos and news (you already know about the pick of the season that we have listed on our business site) with time.  So till then, here is the video on average teacup size.

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